Start a new. 

So I’ve never done a post let alone a blog so this is very new and strange for me, but I have always wanted to do something like this as I would like to start a new passion towards writing my personal blogs.  

I have many things to talk about but I won’t talk about them yet as this is just an introduction. 

I have many hobbies such as reading, writing and enjoying horse riding. 

My name is also Leah if you haven’t already guessed by my user name. I am also deaf which I will go into detail in another post. 

I am currently under progress of creating my own book that I have been creating just well over a year now. So far I have over 500 reads on it and I’m so proud of myself! My book is online and not yet to be completed, I am currently at a writers block and unsure of what scene to create next. The link to it I will include down at the bottom of this page. 

Me being me I can be a very strange person to whether I am meeting new people or being around my family or friends. At times I can be socially awkward and not talk and hide to avoid talking to those who I do not know, so to avoid that I would read a book in my room or in my play room, which tends to do the job. Other times I can be very loud and cheerful around those who I do know, usually friends. I can be quite rude and sarcastic at times but as my friends know me too well they don’t take it the wrong way. (Hopefully!)

Okay that’s all I have to say for now as it’s just a little introduction but yeah I don’t really know what else to say now for the time being aha.

Link for my book.



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